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/played. Never ever… ever should you ever type this in WoW. I logged probably over a year and then some of in game time on the main product released by Blizzard back in 2004. Needless to say I got my jollies in. I raided, I murdered strangers in their own homes and on the beaches of Stranglethorn, and through several expansions I might add. But with every new update and development I increasingly longed for the simpler times…


My first guild was the aptly named Halcyon, a word defined as ‘denoting a period of time in the past that was idyllically happy and peaceful’. This perfectly encapsulates my feelings looking back on the start of my WoW tenure. I was scrubbing around in the dirt, trying to farm out quest after quest- slow and shitty was my progress as a noob. But damn was it fun! When you log into a game at 5pm, and play until 5am without noticing, it’s safe to assume you got lightning in the bottle.


And the world was so beautiful, all of us WoW veterans know this. But we were just finding it out for the first time and it was so rewarding. I put a dagger in the back of many a raid boss, but nothing was ever as satisfying as the first iteration of WoW… Vanilla.


Enter… Elysium.



Elysium is a land lost in time… sike, na… It’s just a project of passion by other WoW fans, who also wanted to recapture the glow of the glory days. And it’s real. I was going along doing my thing in the muddy dirty noob world of Crossroads when I decided to take a simple flight to Orgrimmar to say what’s up to my class trainer. Instead I got an enchanted sword through my skull because a group of higher level jerk faces took the town over. I had to wait about 20 minutes for a response from my faction. And I loved it! It was exactly what I missed, what I craved.


Being in this environment forces me to use that much more creativity and cunning because I can’t just up and do 100k damage, or hop on a dragon of my own and fly away! But what’s more, the option to group with some friends and quest around is open, and I can relive that thrill of growing a character.


I’m not yet max level, and I’m nervous as to how I will feel when I get there. At that point… the halcyon days become lost. Regardless of what expansion, end game means either raids or tireless PVP. And that’s what burned me out and made me quit in the beginning. But I am loving the road to that point right now. Talk all the shit you want, but Blizzard can make a captivating ass product.


One love – Silvera

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