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/played. Never ever… ever should you ever type this in WoW. I logged probably over a year and then some of in game time on the main product released by Blizzard back in 2004. Needless to say I got my jollies in. I raided, I murdered strangers in their own homes and on the beaches of Stranglethorn, and through several expansions I might add. But with every new update and development I increasingly longed for the simpler times…


My first guild was the aptly named Halcyon, a word defined as ‘denoting a period of time in the past that was idyllically happy and peaceful’. This perfectly encapsulates my feelings looking back on the start of my WoW tenure. I was scrubbing around in the dirt, trying to farm out quest after quest- slow and shitty was my progress as a noob. But damn was it fun! When you log into a game at 5pm, and play until 5am without noticing, it’s safe to assume you got lightning in the bottle.


And the world was so beautiful, all of us WoW veterans know this. But we were just finding it out for the first time and it was so rewarding. I put a dagger in the back of many a raid boss, but nothing was ever as satisfying as the first iteration of WoW… Vanilla.


Enter… Elysium.



Elysium is a land lost in time… sike, na… It’s just a project of passion by other WoW fans, who also wanted to recapture the glow of the glory days. And it’s real. I was going along doing my thing in the muddy dirty noob world of Crossroads when I decided to take a simple flight to Orgrimmar to say what’s up to my class trainer. Instead I got an enchanted sword through my skull because a group of higher level jerk faces took the town over. I had to wait about 20 minutes for a response from my faction. And I loved it! It was exactly what I missed, what I craved.


Being in this environment forces me to use that much more creativity and cunning because I can’t just up and do 100k damage, or hop on a dragon of my own and fly away! But what’s more, the option to group with some friends and quest around is open, and I can relive that thrill of growing a character.


I’m not yet max level, and I’m nervous as to how I will feel when I get there. At that point… the halcyon days become lost. Regardless of what expansion, end game means either raids or tireless PVP. And that’s what burned me out and made me quit in the beginning. But I am loving the road to that point right now. Talk all the shit you want, but Blizzard can make a captivating ass product.


One love – Silvera






Is blood thicker than water when it comes to gaming? Fighting games are no doubt built on rivalries and good versus evil narratives. They are the foundational storylines that support and adds that extra element in fighting games. There is however one aspect that can bring the tension to new heights and that is one involving blood. Storylines involving the sibling facet transcends across all types of video game genres. None of which has more impact than fighting games concerning that element. Whether they are working side by side or have an eternal vendetta there is nothing more intriguing than the parallel between brothers and sisters. Here are the Top 5 Siblings in Fighting Video games!


#5 Dante and Vergil


Game- Ultimate Marvel V.S Capcom 3

Release Date- November 15, 2011

Synopsis-  These Two demonic brothers make the list due to their unworldly powers and flashy move sets. Whether its Dante’s Gun totting artillery or Vergil’s quick slashes these brothers sure do know how to fight with flair and style.


#4 Jacky and Sarah Bryant


Game- Virtua Fighter

Release Date- October 1993

Synopsis- Yes, it is time to pay homage to one of the forgotten siblings in fighting games. The Bryants are well trained in Jeet Kune Do, a martial arts technique founded by Bruce Lee. Both seem to have a pension for risks as Jacky has a love for speed and Sarah has an affinity for sky diving. Any way you look at it these two deserve respect and a spot on the top 5 list.


#3 Sophitia and Cassandra Alexandra

Game- Soul Calibur 2

Release Date- July 5, 2002

Synopsis- These two shield and sword wielding sisters are no question two of the most effective characters in the SoulCalibur series. Sophitia has long waged war with the evils of the Soul Edge while Cassandra, her younger sister, came into the fray due to inspiration from her older sister. Cassandra more than holds her own as she adds her own unique style to the fighting game series.


#2 Terry and Andy Bogard

Game- Fatal Fury

Release Date- November 25, 1991

Synopsis- The sons of Jeff Bogard from Southtown. Terry and Andy Bogard are very recognizable siblings in the fighting game universe. They both were driven by the same goal of defeating Geese Howard in the King of Fighters tournament to avenge the death of their father. Though Terry usually gets the most attention there is still something to be said about Andy’s resolve by appearing in almost every Fatal Fury.


#1 Anna and Nina Williams

Game- Tekken

Release Date- December 9, 1994

Synopsis- To be honest the number one spot for this list really was not close at all. The dynamic between Anna and Nina has always been a part of the Tekken Series. Both Daughters of a slain Assassin, there story involves many different perspectives from Nina’s strong silent type to Anna’s more vibrant provocative style. Add in Nina’s issues dealing with Amnesia and you have a storyline that hasn’t gone stale over the years. These sisters are certainly nothing to mess around with.


Agree or Disagree? Did I miss any?

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Hand Shakers First Impressions

Written by Zamboni

Hand Shakers opens with a fast paced cosmic like battle sequence that is filled with explosions, bright flashes, and of course more cosmic confusion. Between the smoke and rubble you see a boy running tightly holding the hand of a helpless mystical looking girl guiding her through the maelstrom outbreak. In his other hand is some form of a mechanized like sword that is both impressive but also a perplexing choice of weaponry. Eventually you hear a soft, timid voice of a character that seems just as confused about what is transpiring as the viewers of this first episode. As the intro scene closes out, the resilient but bewildered boy asks the question that is on everyone’s mind since landing eyes on the title of this idiosyncratic anime. What is a Hand Shaker?

Hand Shakers follows the story of a Mechanical, Mr. Fix It, young genius named Tazuna. Tazuna’s character comes off as a quiet and untroubled personality that only finds solace in fixing what is considered by many to be the unfixable. The initial scene after the intro illustrates this perfectly as Tazuna is seen adrift in his own tranquil world fixing one his fellow student’s radio player. There is also another scene that solidifies Tazuna’s talents as he is seen working away under the hood of an automobile.

The Anime does have a slower start until you are introduced to the characters of Makihara and Koyori. Makihara at first glance adds a bit of excitement and upbeat nature to the show that seems missing since the intro. His eccentric and loud personality is clearly a jolt that this first episode sorely needed. Koyori pretty much plays a rudimental role next to Tazuna in this episode as the joining of the two hands is her main role as we know so far. Antagonists Break and Bind’s masochistic relationship and unrelenting chains give us a taste of what the battle sequences may look like for this anime. All in all this comes off as an anime that you would have to lug through initial episodes to get in to. It has my attention now… but the question is for how long?